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What We Do.

Westates Marketing is a privately-owned and operated company that was established in 1970 with the sole purpose of providing the highest quality printing and marketing materials at a fair price. We in the Westates organization believe that once we get a customer, the ensuing product performance and the superb customer service will keep that client as an industry partner for years to come. We are honored to have hundreds of satisfied Companies and Auto Dealerships as customers and it is our goal to help each and every one of them grow their business using the most effective tool in marketing – direct mail. We gauge our success on yours.

One-stop Integrated Direct Marketing Solutions:  For many businesses, it’s a challenge to integrate Direct Mail and Digital Marketing so that you’re promoting with variety and consistency — the keys to higher response rates. Now you can get customized multi-channel Direct Marketing all in one place. Westates Marketing has produced Direct Mail and postcard printing for tens of thousands of business owners and marketers just like you. Because there isn’t a cookie-cutter approach to direct marketing, our team customizes a plan for every project. As your in-house experts, we’ll manage everything.

Why Direct Mail?

Because there is no other form of media advertising that  delivers a personal message to your customer in a format that can be held in their hand, viewed at their convenience and used specifically at your business when that customer finds the need. Unlike other media, the response to direct mail advertising is consistent and provides the best return on investment
for your advertising budget. 

Who We Are.

Westates Inc., was established in 1970, is a top nationwide provider of a full spectrum of innovative, integrated Marketing services – from direct mail to mixed-media advertising along with full printing and mailing services – to hundreds of business and automotive dealerships all across the United States. 

Our professional staff is available for your advertising and printing needs for every step of the marketing process. Everything is completed in-house at our facility with no third party companies to compromise your service. Armed with the advantage of knowing the ins and outs of the entire process from concept to mailbox, we are absolutely capable and committed to providing you with the exceptional service you can only expect from Westates Marketing.

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